Sandy HandsI like to learn every day. Learning is an active process that comes about from trial and error, investigation, experimentation, play and reflection. Everything I want learn is stimulated the world around me and the questions that intrigue me. Learning is not an event that has a specific time and place. It can happen everywhere and at any time. All it takes is some questions that need answering, a problem that needs solved, an inquisitive mind and the tools help us find or create answers. That is learning.

Sand holds endless possibilities. As kids we love playing in the sandbox or at the beach. We build the possibilities in our minds. We experiment. We succeed but we may also fail. In all cases we try and just let our creations develop. The sand is unconstrained and while we play with it we are growing, learning and developing. In the end we have created a masterpiece of the mind that is fragile and changing. It may get washed away by waves or reinvented by the next kid in the sandbox.

This is how I look at my own learning. The same attitude of the child playing in the sand guides my own learning and exploration. I try to satiate my own quest for understanding with an open mind to possibilities and a give-it-a-go approach. While learning I will be like that kid building sand castles at the beach. And in the end I will end up with sand everywhere.